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  • Meerkats
    I find meerkats to consistently be among the most-photogenic of all animals. Both photos taken using the M.Zuiko 40-150mm F2.8 Pro, OM-D E-M5mkII. Post was done in the Aft
  • San Francisco Zoo
    Taken at the SF Zoo.  Three of the zoo's big cats - a Snow Leopard, Lion, and Tiger.  It was an amazing October day. A Snow Leopard taken thru a wire fence. And a Lion. An
  • Damselfly
    Getting-in some macro practice close to home. All three taken using the m.zuiko 60mm macro lens. Tried hard to get some bees-in-flight shots, but my technique is pretty ru
  • Melbourne Beach
    A couple of photos from our trip to Melbourne Beach, Florida this month - the annual summer beach vacation. A sunrise pano off the balcony of the house we rented for the w
  • Hummingbird
    I setup catch close-up shots of one of our resident hummingbirds using a tripod and remote shutter release.  Additional images from this shoot are posted on the gallery si
  • Mallard
    Here's a photo of a Mallard Duck: This was taken with my E-M5 mkII and a Sigma 50-500mm (4/3 mount on a MMF-3 adapter) - testing at full 500mm reach, or 1000mm equivalent.
  • Water Fowl
    Taken along Iron Horse Trail, I took advantage of the clear weather to get outdoors for a short while.  The rain has attracted what seems like a greater quantity of water
  • Ironhorse Trail
    These are from a quick photo walk taken along the Ironhorse Trail in San Ramon the day following Thanksgiving family festivities. I like the dew drops just visible on the
  • Seascape Park Beach
    From a trip to Seascape Beach Resort & Conference Center in Aptos, CA - this was taken thru a stand of trees at sunset. Here's a jay I spotted one morning.
  • Hawk
    A family of hawks have moved into the neighborhood recently. Here's another in mid-screech. And this is what has likely drawn them to the neighborhood. These were all take
  • More Hummingbirds
    Another hummingbird shot - experimenting with the MC-14 Teleconverter on the M.Zuiko 40-150 Pro at 150 for an equivalent reach of 420mm, or ((150mm X 1.4) X 2x Mu4/3 Crop)
  • Hummingbirds
    Here are a few shots of hummingbirds in flight: These were shot in the evening hours (higher ISO), using the M.Zuiko 40-150mm Pro, cropped == Grainy, but still happy to ha
  • Backyard Birds
    I was able to capture photos of a couple of 'birds' in the backyard this evening. Small birds, and a rather larger bird too. All shot with the M.Zuiko 40-150 Pro, cropping
  • Hummingbirds
    Several hummingbirds Wintered-over with us, likely on account of the mild conditions and my keeping the feeders full.  This one at roost, staying watchful of 'his' feeders
  • Claude
    This is Claude - he is the albino alligator at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  Both shots were taken from the aquarium (Steinhart Aquarium) level which resides
  • Butterflies
    At the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) - inside the super-amazing Rainforest Environ. These were both taken with the Hexanon 40mm F1.8 -
  • Whitetail Deer
    I stumbled across this small herd of whitetail deer at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA.  There were five in all, I was able to capture four in one shot.  The deer along 17 M
  • Giant Anteater
    Try as he might, this giant anteater seemed to enjoy the attention and loved having his photo taken, but proved a very difficult subject to photograph well due to the "bla
  • Giraffe
    Giraffes have so many looks... Same giraffe, different look: Taken with the Hexanon 135mm F3.2 - post done in Photogene4 on the iPad.
  • Gorillas
    We visited the S.F. Zoo recently - one of my favorite locations.  I've never come up dry for subject matter and a rewarding experience - especially as it relates to the ap
  • Hummingbird
    Our hummingbird has returned for the summer.  His visit to our feeder was a good opportunity to test drive the new OMD EM-5 – shot with the 135mm Hexanon prime.  A little
  • Sentinel
    Visited the Lindsay Wildlife Museum - this is "Sentinel" the Bald Eagle.  Head shots only - the birds are on perches, up high, sans pleasing backdrops. Here's another shot
  • Squirrel at Rest
    Captured this shot of a squirrel at Hap Magee Park.  There must have been a dozen or more (this one included) rocketing through the foliage preparing for Winter.  Collecti
  • Tiger
    Photo taken at the San Francisco Zoo.  The SF Zoo sets the bar in so many ways - clean, organized, historic but modern where it counts, with friendly staff, and featuring
  • Koala
    I captured this little fellow at the San Diego Zoo the summer of 2012. The original was fine, but am much happier with my post-processed cut which involved some cropping,
  • Locust Ghost
    From a recent vacation to the heart of Texas, I recovered several locust husks, and staged one on a little red cactus (grafted gymnocalycium) for  dramatic effect and inte
  • Owl Butterfly
    Captured in Rainforests of the World terrarium exhibit inside of the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This picture was taken while on a
  • Ladybird
    This is a photo taken last Summer in my backyard - sadly, not so many Ladies in the neighborhood this Summer. This photo was never properly post-processed.  I did so on th
  • Blue Eyed Darner
    I captured this Blue Eyed Darner resting in a frequent hangout.  The composition is not good - even with the Hexanon 28mm, the macro converter limited the field of view du
  • Busy Bees
    It was a good day for a challenge - capturing bees in-flight as they busily worked the Agapanthus in search of nectar this morning.  Approx 100 photos later, I was rewarde
  • Hummingbird
    I captured this little beauty feeding in the early evening at a Mexican snowball (E. elegans) succulent in my backyard. I was setup to capture some shots of the moon late
  • Seagull
    I captured this subject via my humble 35-70mm F3.5 one-touch Hexanon at the beach in Capitola.  Nice sunny day, but lots of people on the beach, and a lot of activity in t
  • Garter Snake
    This curious garter (Thamnophis atratus zaxanthus) spent a fair amount of time following me about.  I missed a fantastic shot of the snake sun bathing on a rock in the mid
  • Blue Damselfly
    From a recent trip to Las Padres National Forest, these beauties were out in full force, flying about, and always welcome company. This photo was taken thru my 80-200mm F3

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