Re-Setting the stage

Announcing the re-launch of – this is effectively the third major revision having adopted the PivotX platform.  Two things happened which ultimately led to a complete re-launch:

  • I customized myself into a corner on the previous platform, and while it was a great deal of fun getting there, contributed actively to the project, and am still a huge fan of it for many reason, a point was reached where updating to the current release involved every bit as much effort and risk as migrating to a new platform would be.
  • And, well, I’d lost interest and simply needed the spark of somethng new and comletely different to rekindle my interest.  A classic wind-down for any blog, first weeks, then months were elapsing between posts, and while the desire and acknowledgement of importance existed, the raw energy and drive to execute did not.

I anticipate posting less content, less frequently, on fewer topics, but am driving myself to do so as a matter of pure discipline.