New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square

A few snapshots of St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square, New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square, New Orleans

Taken with iPhone 6s, post done on iPhone in Photos app.  Not bad, but sure would have preferred having had the EM-5 MkII and a couple of nice primes with me.

Several more shots of St. Louis Cathedral.

St. Louis Cathedral

This shot taken with the EPL-1 and my Lumix 20mm Prime - seems to make a good walking-around street photog setup.  I like this shot for the group of military personnel clustered in front of the statue.

St. Louis Cathedral

Could have worked this shot for awhile longer to hit something inspired ... maybe.  Challenge was in the timing of it all - this was not a vacation trip, and therefore, left little opportunity for walkabout.

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