St. Louis Cemetery #1 - New Orleans

I always liked this shot.  This is one among many of statuary located at St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans, LA.  The photo was taken while on a tour of New Orleans cemeteries - #1 includes the mausoleum of famed Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

Cemetery Statue

Succumbing to the Evening Fog

A view of Trinidad Harbor as it succumbs to the evening fog.  From this location, a steep pathway (mostly of dirt and wood steps) leads from a squat lighhouse to a beach far below - tedious, but well worth the effort.

Trinidad Harbor

Avenue of the Giants

I enjoy watching for these types of visual anomalies, often hidden the banks of streams as a root  ball, an old tree, or oddly formed rock outcroppings.  Here, from the Avenue of the Giants, we have a Redwood Forest Nymph - not the pretty kind...

Redwood Forest Nymph

Summer in Trinidad, CA

We took a trip North to enjoy the Redwoods, the Lost Coast, and the Eel River.  We enjoyed a beautiful day in Trinidad - took a side trip to Ferndale. 

Trinidad CA

The river was low, but crystal clear and flowing slowly - perfect for wading.  We spent an afternoon on the Avenue of the Giants, soaking up the enormity of the Giant Redwoods.