Whitetail Deer

Asilomar - Pacific Grove

I stumbled across this small herd of whitetail deer at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA.  There were five in all, I was able to capture four in one shot.  The deer along 17 Mile Drive, Pacific Grove, in and around Asilomar, are quite tame.


And here is 4/5 of the herd - with a little patience, I was able to get them to all adopt the same posture/expression.

Herd of whitetail

I took these with my latest addition to the Hexanon arsinal, an 85mm F1.8.  The lens is in good shape, though I think it could use a cleaning, perhaps.  The conditions on this morning - approximately 6:45am, fairly heavy overcast.  A fast lens was fairly critical, even with, shutter speeds were suppressed and a monopod would have been most appreciated on this shoot.

Post done in Photogene 4 on the iPad - mostly crop and little saturation and exposure adjustment.  On the second photo, I added some subtle off-center vignette to highlight the subject.

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