The Lost Coast

Summer in Trinidad, CA

We took a trip North to enjoy the Redwoods, the Lost Coast, and the Eel River.  We enjoyed a beautiful day in Trinidad - took a side trip to Ferndale. 

Trinidad CA

The river was low, but crystal clear and flowing slowly - perfect for wading.  We spent an afternoon on the Avenue of the Giants, soaking up the enormity of the Giant Redwoods.

Post on this photo taken in Trinidad was done in Photogene4 on the iPad.  The shot was taken using the Hexanon 28mm F3.5 - I love all my Hexanon's, with the exception of this one.  There is a reason why Hexanon 28mm F2.8's can fetch $800 to $900...they work well - the F3.5 is painfully slow and not at all easy to focus except in very bright light.  My 28mm F3.5 really let me down on the Avenue of the Giants where lighting even in mid-day was low due to the dense forest canopy.  Even on a brightly lit beach it was a beast to focus and bore mostly disappointing results.

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