A yellow flower, stylized slightly on the iPad, though I can't seem to determine via which app.  Nonetheless, it is still a personal favorite - this was taken thru my 300mm Super Cosina with Macro adapter on the E-PL1.  Not a stellar lens, but it does do some things well.  I failed to capture the stop, but the ISO was set to 800.

Yellow Flower

Control your cloud

I've been a Dropbox user for some time now, though not an early adopter, and not a power user - Dropbox has met my limited needs satisfactorily for its mobile apps integration, facilitating inter-device sync efficiently.  In terms of volume storage, such as for RAW photo archive, Dropbox can quickly become a costly proposition.

ownCloud is an open project aimed at those with the desire to assert direct control over their cloud storage needs and/or to enjoy the economies of self-hosting.