2013 Fusion rental and test drive

On a recent excursion to the San Diego area, I had occasion to spend so time behind the wheel of a 2013 Ford Fusion SE.  Rented through National's Emerald program, the car had only ~1300 miles on it, and was in pristine condition.  This is a car that I have been interested in from both an aesthetics point of view, as well as feature/function, quality, and driveability.

Fine tuning on pivotx

I've spent a fair bit of time fine tuning the site and the pivotx environment exclusive of content.  Part of this exercise involved dumping early 3,500 comments which had accumulated over the course of four week's time.  Sadly, this included legitimate comments too, but most were spam and of a magnitude that did not warrant a more careful grooming.  With controls in place now, I hope not to have to bulk-dump comments again in the future.