About a year ago, I picked up an Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro four-thirds format body with kit lens (14-42mm) and basic M.Zuiko zoom (40-150mm) for a steal.  This camera was to replace a DSLR which I’d become increasingly disenchanted with for its bulk, low battery life, and general lack of utility.

I’m really pleased with the E-PL1 – I played with numerous different compact mirrorless system bodies, including the Panasonic and Sony of multiple models seeking the one which met my technical needs and, most of all, simply “felt right”. The E-PL1 was the largest of the bunch, yet still signifianctly smaller than any DSLRbody on the market, and felt as an extension of my hand, so was therefore especially attractive. 

  • Would I purchase the same body again now?  Yes.
  • Would I look at more recent PEN-series bodies before making my purchase decision?  Yes.
  • For what reason?  Only for significant advancements in feature set and performance…
  • For instance: auto-image rotatation; remote shutter support; faster overall performance.

Overall assessiment – a fantastic buy, and getting better, with E-PL1 bodies on E-Bay for well-under $200, I couldn’t be more genuinely satisfied with the overall value of mine. ~ It's Still Just a Pig

Welcome, I do this for my own edification.  There is no distinct mission, vision, or focus – just my observations on topics that interest me. This is revision three of – the former site has been granted final pasture at:

Re-Setting the stage

Announcing the re-launch of – this is effectively the third major revision having adopted the PivotX platform.  Two things happened which ultimately led to a complete re-launch:

  • I customized myself into a corner on the previous platform, and while it was a great deal of fun getting there, contributed actively to the project, and am still a huge fan of it for many reason, a point was reached where updating to the current release involved every bit as much effort and risk as migrating to a new platform would be.
  • And, well, I’d lost interest and simply needed the spark of somethng new and comletely different to rekindle my interest.  A classic wind-down for any blog, first weeks, then months were elapsing between posts, and while the desire and acknowledgement of importance existed, the raw energy and drive to execute did not.

I anticipate posting less content, less frequently, on fewer topics, but am driving myself to do so as a matter of pure discipline.