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I've been a Dropbox user for some time now, though not an early adopter, and not a power user - Dropbox has met my limited needs satisfactorily for its mobile apps integration, facilitating inter-device sync efficiently.  In terms of volume storage, such as for RAW photo archive, Dropbox can quickly become a costly proposition.

ownCloud is an open project aimed at those with the desire to assert direct control over their cloud storage needs and/or to enjoy the economies of self-hosting.

A few observations:

  • ownCloud version 5 tries hard to be a very broad end-to-end solution, though it is unclear to me the problem or challenge that it is trying to solve. 
  • Over-burdened with features, ownCloud simply is not a performant solution. 
  • Functionally, many of the features feel either outright superfluous, and/or lack maturity to the point of uselessness.
  • Visually, the ownCloud UI provides a pleasant experience - use and navigation is mostly intuitive, appearance is professional, it is clean and modern in appearance.
  • Basic file management is solid and integrates well to the Linux and Windows desktop.
  • The available mobile integrations (at least for iOS) function well - though missing the kinds of in-app integration supported by numerous sync-enabled apps such as password vaults and virtual wallets.

Overall, ownCloud is approaching maturity in many respects.  Alternatives in the no-cost space are few - BarracudaDrive being the only other which comes close presently.

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