Bay Area Old Growth Redwoods

We spent a day hiking amongst the redwoods of Muir Woods, and surrounding area.

Trail to Muir Woods

Taking photos in the woods is like taking photos on the beach - difficult to identify and isolate an interesting subject.

Goats R Us Herd at Tareyton

The Goats R Us herd has again taken up residence along the freeway/Tareyton median.  They're incredibly effective at keeping the weed growth at bay.

Solo Goat

Kauai's Inaccessible North-West Coast

Taken from the deck of the Northern Star, the rugged Na Pali Coast.

Na Pali Coast

Waipouli Beach, Kauai

A beach scene on Kauai's Waipouli Beach.

Waipouli Beach Scene

Old Town Sac

One of a pair of old steam locomotives in Old Town Sacramento, outside the rail museum.

Steam Locomotive

Taken with an iPhone 6S, only 'camera correction' was applied in AfterShot Pro 3.

Camp Arroyo in Livermore

Here is a photo of Cresta Blanca - this was taken on the first day of a four day event at Camp Arroyo in Livermore, CA.  

Cresta Blanca

Two days later we hiked out a loop that took us to the face of Cresta Blanca.  The feature is the result of a six-day rain event that occurred centuries ago, leading to the sudden collapse of the side of the hill and formation of Cresta Blanca.

Camp Arroyo in Livermore

I spent four days at Camp Arroyo for an event - I knew I wouldn't get a lot of opportunity to shoot, and packed for portability/ease of carry, taking only the M.Zuiko 25 and 45mm F1.8 primes.

Barn at Camp Arroyo

Concannon Vineyards Livermore

Taken a few months ago following lunch at the Underdog Wine Bar - the Ellen Rowe Concannon House, an 1885 Victorian.

Ellen Rowe Concannon House