I setup catch close-up shots of one of our resident hummingbirds using a tripod and remote shutter release.  Additional images from this shoot are posted on the gallery site here.

Hummingbird in Flight

Four Seasons Resort

We Spring-Break'd on Oahu at the Four Seasons Resort in the Ko Olina development.  Beautiful resort, top-notch ameneties, A+ service.  This is the destination if your desire is to be treated well.  

Looking East across the inlet to the lagoon.

Four Seasons

Waxing Crescent

Clear skies tonight so took a few shots of the April Moon in waxing crescent.

April Moon

Iron Horse Trail

Here's a photo of a Mallard Duck:

Mallard Duck

Of Iron Horse Trail

Taken along Iron Horse Trail, I took advantage of the clear weather to get outdoors for a short while.  The rain has attracted what seems like a greater quantity of water fowl, such as this Mallard:

Mallard Duck

Or this Goosander:


Municipal Pier

Taken from the Municipal Pier at the San Francisco Aquatic Park - there were a great many sailboats on the bay for an event.

Sailing Under the Bridge


Afternoon hike around Las Trampas.

Top of Las Trampas

St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square

A few snapshots of St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square, New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square, New Orleans

Taken with iPhone 6s, post done on iPhone in Photos app.  Not bad, but sure would have preferred having had the EM-5 MkII and a couple of nice primes with me.